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FinBee is an online lending platform created in 2015. Our goal is to become the leading peer-to-peer lending company in Lithuania and to achieve rapid development in foreign markets.

Using innovative solutions we seek to create environment where everyone wins: borrowers getting low interest rates, lenders safely and easily getting high interest rates. We believe that by achieving these goals FinBee will develop rapidly and that is how we will contribute in peer-to-peer services all around the world.
FinBee operating platform was created using the software of Madiston P2P lending model. This technical solution allows FinBee to provide professional P2P lending services.

All financial transactions between investors and borrowers are performed through Clients’ Money Account (CMA) in a well known bank in the Baltic States  – “Citadele”. FinBee Bank account in “Citadele” bank is a secure deposit bank account where your deposits up to 100 thousand euros are fully insured by Lithuanian government. (Insurance does not cover risks for investments in loans).

JSC “Finansu Bite” is listed in the Bank of Lithuania’s loan lenders and peer-to-peer lending operator list. Also, FinBee is included in Personal Data Controllers public register.

FinBee is a a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and investment platform that connects those who want to borrow with those who are looking for diverse investment opportunities.

Press the link here and provide your Personal Information to register in FinBee.

Please find details for money transfer to Client’s Money account:

Receiver: UAB „Finansų bitė“
Company code: 304051511
Bank name: AB „Citadele“ bankas
Bank account number: LT857290000000141859
Unique reference: Your username

After the first deposit your bank account will be linked to your FinBee account. This means that deposits will be accepted and withdrawals will be made to your linked bank account only.
When you set up this transfer with your bank, you must include the unique reference as shown above.

There are no fees applied for deposits or withdrawals by FinBee.

Please note, that the money will take from a couple of hours to one working day to transfer.

Peer-to-peer lending are vulnerable to the investment risks as well as other financial instruments. Before investing into unsecured loans, you must evaluate your personal and family finances as well as your business financial situation.

Your investments through FinBee platform are not insured or secured in any other way. In addition, there is no guarantee that a borrower will meet his financial commitments.

It is lender’s responsibility to choose a loan and to determine the risk. FinBee is not responsible for insolvent clients. However, we are here to help you to measure your risk and to find creditworthy clients.

There are no hidden fees or charges in our activities. You will know exactly which fees will be applicable to you.

FinBee uses a 1% commission for your investment portfolio if you decide to sell it to another investor.

When borrowers’ payments are overdue or they default on the loan, FinBee applies the best practices in the banking sector in debt collection. There are no additional fees for it. Allcollected money is transferred to lenders.

The smalest investment in any single loan is 5 Eur. We recommend investing each loan in small portions. This means that you do not have to finance whole sum of a loan that borrowers apply for. We advise investing each loan in small amount of money. Thus, if borrower defaults a lender will experience less damage to his loan portfolio. We advise to start lending small amounts of money, evaluating and understanding the principles of FinBee operation as well as investment risk and only then start lending significantly larger amounts.

All investors’ funds are held in Clients’ Money Account (CMA) in Citadele bank. All investors deposits are investors’ personal property and are fully insured by Lithuanian government up to 100 thousand euros individually. This CMA account is strictly separated from JSC “Finansu Bite” assets. Borrowers also pay their monthly installments to this CMA account, so all monthly installments will be transferred to investors according to payment schedule in case FinBee goes bankrupt.

FinBee has prepared and coordinated the Plan of Business continuity with The Bank of Lithuania (Central bank of Lithuania). According to the Plan, new administrator will take over administration of all active loan agreements in case FinBee goes bankrupt. The main purpose of the Plan is to protect all investors’ rights in case of bankruptcy.


To invest through FinBee, investors must be at least 18 years old, have a bank account in European Union and have valid personal document.

Once you create your account in FinBee first of all you have fill Client questionnaire.(All data provided is confidential and will not be publicly announced to third parties. After the questionnaire is confirmed by manager you need to add funds on your account to start investing).

The money will take from a couple of hours to one working day to transfer, depending on the method that your bank uses and when you put the request to the bank.

The AutoLend facility is designed to enable lending on a larger scale and with more sophistication than is feasible by manually searching and selecting loan requests, and borrowers, and then manually placing bids on those loan requests. Via a lending portfolio, AutoLend enables automatic bidding. AutoLend will automatically place lending bids on loan requests selected according to the lending portfolio parameters. Up to five different lending portfolios may be created by the lender each configured by different available AutoLend parameters. This enables lenders to lend on a portfolio basis setting borrower credit ratings, borrower ages, interest rates and lending amounts. This enables lending in larger volume and in a more structured manner than is feasible making manual lending bids on specific loan requests.

Each portfolio is designed to provide proposals  into one loan only once, but if the loan request is in the line with several portfolios created settings, all portfolios will start to lend to the same loan.

You can choose from two different types of AutoLend:

  1. Bids with target interest rate
  2. Bids with your present interest rate

More about AutoLend settings here.

This is a facility which is designed to automatically replace a bid that has been bumped-off via another lender’s underbid. The lender has the facility to specify a number of parameters controlling how the replacement bid/s will be placed.

More about ARBU here.

In the secondary market you can buy existing loan parts from other lenders. This way you can start earning interest right away and spread the risk in your loan portfolio across more borrowers. As a buyer you are paying for the right to take the repayments due to the seller at the same nominal rate originally agreed with the borrower. You can also sell your loan parts in the secondary market.

More about secondary market here.

No. Once you have confirmed your investment, you cannot cancel it. But you can always use the secondary market to sell your loan parts.

Log in to your FinBee account. Press the „Pay In and Withdraw Money“. After that press „Withdrawal“ button. Please enter the amount that you wish to withdraw. Requested amount will be transfered into your bank account.

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