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Help your friends earn and earn yourself!

For each invited friend who registers at Finbee with a unique code or a unique URL link and invests at least 10 Eur, you will receive a bonus of 10 Eur and 1% of the amount invested by the friend within 60 days. Full terms and conditions may be found here.

Invite a friend

How does it work?



Your and your friends’ bonuses depend on the amount invested by your friends on the Finbee platform within 60 days of registration.

You can invite as many friends as you want. Help your friends earn and earn yourself!


What are the benefits?

Benefits to you

  • 10 Eur bonus to your Finbee account
  • 1% of your friend’s invested amount in the first 60 days to your account.
  • We don’t limit the number of friends you can invite. The more Finbee friends, the more opportunities to earn extra.

Benefits to your friend

  • 10 Eur bonus to Finbee account for starting investment.
  • 1% bonus on the invested amount in the first 60 days after registration.
  • An opportunity to learn how to invest and earn passive income.

When will you have 1M Eur portfolio?

Our average investor, who has invested in at least one loan this year, manages a portfolio of 4.718 Eur. On average, they invested an additional 317.55 Eur per month.
By maintaining identical transfers over the long term and earning 12% annual interest, the first million can be earned in 28 years.
Past results is no guarantee of future performance. Investing involves risk.

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What is your goal?

Long-time Finbee investor Danielius Goriunovas, also known as “Debesyla”, says that he has a goal – to earn at least 5.000 Eur annually from investing, so that he could take more months off for a vacation or continue investing the earned returns in sustainable projects without much stress. We interviewed Danielius, how does he manage to achieve such goals.

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If you have additional questions, write to [email protected] or you can book a time for a detailed conversation about your needs here.