Finbee Investor Fees

Investor‘s account fee – 1 Eur per month

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Finbee services for Investors:

  • Opening and closing of the account
  • Client identification at the branch
  • Client identification in the platform
  • Trading on the secondary market
  • The generating of the account statement in the platform over the internet
  • The provision of the account statement via e-mail or by arriving to the branch
  • Account statement signed Finbee
  • Finbee written confirmation of the performed transfer
  • Transfer copy signed by Finbee
  • Certificate regarding opened accounts and balances, signed by Finbee
  • Certificates regarding granted and returned loans
  • Other certificates or letters
  • Sending of letters, documents via mail

Simple and convenient

Monthly investor’s account fee will be deducted directly from your investor account each month. No more separate small fees for any services!

6-months trial period

In order to encourage new investors to try out the Finbee platform, we will apply a 6-month trial period from registering on the Finbee platform, during which the account service fee will not apply. Enjoy it!

More opportunities for all Finbee investors:

Faster deposits and withdrawals

A new deposit bank account and instant SEPA payments. This will enable you to deposit and withdraw funds faster.

Free trading in the secondary market

No additional fees will be applied to Finbee investors.

Information about client’s active / repaid loans in the primary and secondary market

This information will be very valuable and will help You to decide if you want to lend to this borrower or buy a loan on the secondary market.

Publicly available Finbee loans portfolio dataset in XLS file

This data will enable you to analyse our historical performance and will help you to make better investment decisions.

Possibility to download the list of your active / repaid loans in XLS file

You will be able to find a new “Reports” tab and download data of your active and repaid loans. 

Possibility to download repayment schedules in CSV file

You will be able to monitor collection of monthly loan payments more easily as You will be able to download both the repayment schedules of the entire Finbee portfolio and the repayment schedules of your personal portfolio. 

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