Welcoming community

Our friendly group of honey bees will greet you with a smile and a warm embrace. We’re no bank. If you borrow from Finbee - you’re borrowing from diligent and honest people like yourself.Your peers will also offer you better terms: lower APR and a repayment plan that suits your needs.

You’ll like us

We are fair, transparent and friendly - and our clients’ feedback affirms it! More than 90% of our clients are return-customers or do recommend us to someone they know.

Honey-sweet terms and conditions

Flexible conditions that take into account possible change of personal circumstances. You may bring forward the loan repayment date free of charge.

“It’s so nice to meet you!”

We do get personal. And we will answer any and all of the questions you may have. Finbee takes your individual circumstances into account to provide a tailored financing offer that suits your needs.

The friendliest peer-to-peer loans

For consumption

For studies, travel and other ways to experience what the world has to offer.
Our friendly investors will help you get where you’re aching to go.

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For home improvements

Whether you need to carry out some repairs, a bathroom renovation, or to buy a new stove – our investors will hurry to extend you a helping hand.

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For Healthcare needs

Personal loan for consultations, medication, tests and plastic surgery or dental services.
Take care of yourself and your family’s well-being.

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To refinance old loans.

Took out a loan at extortionate interest rates? Reach out to us and we’ll help to refinance it on better terms and to recover the deposits you’ve put up.

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For self-realisation

If you have the entrepreneurial flair for new business ideas – we’ll hear you out.
And we’ll provide advice on financing your business ventures.

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For any other needs

Do you have some unique goals and aspirations we haven’t mentioned?
We will hear you out and we will see what we can do to help you meet your financial needs.

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How to get a Finbee loan?

Preliminary Terms
Loan Amount: 3500€
Loan Term: 30 mėn.
Loan Interest Rate: 10%
One-Off Origination Fee: 4%
Monthly Loan Administration Fee: 0.37%
Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 17.76%
Total Monthly Payment: 20€
Total Amount You Receive: 3500€
Total Cost of the Loan: 3900€
Credit risk evaluation fee: 20€
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Maximum APR – 43.70%. Loan approval subject to status. Rates and fees may vary based on your individual circumstances. You may cancel the loan agreement within 14 day of signing.

Loan Amount
Loan Term
30 mėn.
Interest From
Monthly Payment
131,59 €

We will contact you only once to provide you with our offer.

Preliminary Terms
Typical loan example: Borrowing EUR 1000 for 5 years, you will receive EUR 960, fixed annual interest rate - 10%, one-time contract fee - 4%, monthly administration fee - 0.37% of the outstanding loan balance per month, APR - 16.95%, installment amount - 23.22 EUR / month, total repayable amount - 1399.43 EUR. The specific loan offer is made to each client based on an individual assessment of its solvency, so the terms offered may differ from those shown in the example.
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    Choose the terms of a loan that suit your needs.

    Choose the desired size of a loan and the repayment term, and send in your request

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    We’ll get in touch as soon as we take a look at your application

    Once your loan request has been approved, you will be contacted by a Finbee specialist to agree on the final loan terms over the phone.

  • 3

    You receive your personal loan!

    Watch out for the pay-day loan hornets. Finbee is the only friendly way to borrow. Our loans are cheap and cheerful, so that your loan payments need NOT be dear and dreadful.

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Our values

Happy clients

We believe that by finding borrowers who will be able to repay the loans,
We will have happy clients – both borrowers and lenders.

Transparency builds trust

If all our clients are happy – we can be 100% transparent.
transparency will build trust with the people around us.

Diligent team-workers

We believe that our values will help us to attract best colleagues.
and with the team we built we will make our company grow.

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