Friendly community

Our friendly hive of honey bees will greet you with a smile and a warm embrace. We offer each other reasonable loan terms because we recognize that to make honey, we’ve got to trust one another. We offer each other loans at rates as low as 0.67% / month.

You’ll like us

We are fair, transparent and friendly - and our clients’ feedback affirms it! More than 98 % of our clients are return-customers or do recommend us to someone they know.

Honey-sweet terms and conditions

Flexible conditions and terms. easy financing application process, low rates and quality service. We’ll lend up to €50 000 without real estate collateral

“It’s so nice to meet you!”

We do get personal. And we will answer any and all of the questions you may have. Finbee takes your individual circumstances into account to provide a tailored financing offer that suits your business. 100% individual offer

Reclaim up to 95% of paid interest!

Finbee is the only peer-to-peer lending platform that provides businesses with an opportunity for financial support from Invega, a state-owned company, under the program “Avietė” that helps small-to-medium-sized companies grow.
Seize the opportunity and get financial compensation for up to 95% of the interest paid on your business loan.

More Info

We offer competitive alternative financing

For new businesses

Want to finance the projects you’ve been planning for months? Our friendly investors will provide the capital you need for growing your business.

*P2P loans are available only to companies older than 3 months.

For working capital

Need to cover your short-term operational needs, balance the books, or to increase the turnover and growth of your business? Our investors will hurry to extend a helping hand.

We offer loans of up to €75 000 without real estate collateral.

For new equipment and machinery

To scale your business and to improve the efficiency of your day-to-day operations, you may need a technological upgrade. Our investors will finance the purchase of equipment and machinery you need to take your business productivity to the next level.

Finbee investors will fully finance your purchase. No down payment required.

To increase brand awareness

Don’t stall your business growth! Advertise well and reach out to the customers who will truly value your product.

Finbee investors will help you finance your marketing campaign and, perhaps, even join the ranks of your loyal customers.

For any other business need

Do you have some unique goals and aspirations we haven’t mentioned?

We will hear you out and we will see what we can do to help you meet your financial needs. 

How to get a business loan?

Without your consent for direct marketing, we will contact you only once so that we can provide you with a service offer and / or inquire about the quality of the service. By clicking “Submit the application”, you confirm that the data provided is correct.
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0,59% mėn.
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    Fill in the application

    Choose the desired size of the loan and enter your company details

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    Proceed with a few documents

    We’ll get in touch as soon as we receive your application and ask for a few documents to assess the validity of your company.

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    Assessment process

    Our experts at Finbee will assess the creditworthiness and the financing options for your business. And we’ll provide you with a tailor-made financing solution.

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Happy clients

We believe that by finding borrowers who will be able to repay the loans,
We will have happy clients – both borrowers and lenders.

Transparency builds trust

If all our clients are happy – we can be 100% transparent.
transparency will build trust with the people around us.

Diligent team-workers

We believe that our values will help us to attract best colleagues.
and with the team we built we will make our company grow.

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