A spoonful of interest

Honey is meant to be shared. Finbee will ensure you get a solid return on your investment. The average interest rate on FinBee loans in 2019: consumer loans 18,5%, business loans 14,7%.

Convenient and transparent

You are in control of your investments, and Finbee will provide you with all the relevant information to weigh the risk, and make the final judgment call. Choose the best options to invest – consumer or business loans. Take a look at our loans auction.

Responsible borrowers

Finbee borrow-bees are punctual. Default rate: consumer loans - 6.98%, business loans – 3,03%. We have already recovered 89% of consumer loans that defaulted in 2016

Protection against fraudulent loan requests

We have face-to-face meetings with all of our borrowers, and we personally assess their loan risk. We are selective: only 7 out of 100 loan requests are approved.

Why Finbee?

Finbee is a modern beehive

We hold an e-money institution license, and we keep our investors funds in separate bank deposits from our own. Our financial activities are under the strict supervision of the Bank of Lithuania.

One of the largest return on investment

Investment return generated by Finbee is one of the largest in Europe.

Loan to small businesses

Finbee is the first peer-to-peer lending platform to loan to small- and medium-sized businesses in Lithuania.

These loans are also backed by Invega, a state-owned company, under the program “Raspberry”, which was specially developed for peer-to-peer loans.

We invest together with you

We believe in Finbee business model. We invest in all consumer loans together with you. Our “skin in the game” is at least 15% of the loan amount.

Total Returns for Our Investors

8 817 537€

  • 21303
    Number of
    Active Investors
  • 58 333 800
    Loan Value

How do I start investing?



It is easy to become Finbee modern investor. Sign-up takes just a few steps. Create an account and verify your identity. Transfer however much you wish to invest into your new Finbee account. See the returns for yourself with a minimum investment of €5.


Choose a loan you’d like to finance

We’ll provide the information you need to choose the right consumer or business borrower. If you will have any questions – we will help you!


Let your money do the work for you

Lend honey to earn honey. Earn a solid return and take care of your future financial needs.

Listed Loans

ID #Loan TypeInvested AmountTermCredit ScoreInterest RateCollateralProgress
54221665Consumer12,000€72 monthsC15%
79751862Consumer13,300€72 monthsC15%
19888962Business20,000€36 monthsC12%
83429928Business50,000€36 monthsB11%
44834512Business50,000€12 monthsC12%
78913514Consumer18,470€84 monthsB14%
84459199Business30,000€36 monthsB11%

Our values

Happy clients

We believe that by finding borrowers who will be able to repay the loans,
We will have happy clients – both borrowers and lenders.

Transparency builds trust

If all our clients are happy – we can be 100% transparent.
transparency will build trust with the people around us.

Diligent team-workers

We believe that our values will help us to attract best colleagues.
and with the team we built we will make our company grow.

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