Secondary market fun facts



By a popular demand we will share secondary market statistics on a monthly basis. Secondary market is a a convenient way to invest even large amounts of money and build loan portfolio fast.

The increased activity in the secondary market observed since September 2021 (monthly average turnover – 83.976 Eur) seems to have disappeared. The trading volume was 31% lower in April than in March. The secondary market turnover totalled to 50.807 Eur.

Secondary market fun facts

99% discount

Two deals with a 99% discount were completed in April. Loans were 705 and 811 days overdue at the time of the transaction. Bailiffs have made a recovery from one of these borrowers in April 2021, so if the situation happens again, the investment will be successful for the buyer.

3% premium for a loan overdue by 654 days

It is gratifying that investors are relying on Finbee’s recovery and are buying some long overdue loans by paying a premium. Historically, loans have been recovered over five years.

More than 100% profit in 5 days

At the other end of the spectrum is a 50% discount for a current loan. The loan was repaid in full in five days after the transaction. The buyer doubled the money also receiving full monthly interest.


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