How to change your AutoLend portfolio settings?


If you would like to change your AutoLend portfolio settings, please log in to your Finbee account and then:

1. Click “AutoLend“ (Step 1. from the picture below).
2.  Then click on pencil picture next to the portfolio (Step 2. from the picture below):

Finbee autolend

3. Now you can update your AutoLend portfolio settings:

  • Please enter 120 months to cell “Loan term to:“
  • 100 EUR to cell “Loan amount from:“
  • 75.000 EUR to cell “Loan amount to:“
  • 75% to “Personal loans interest rate to:
  • Grace period 1 – 10 months in “Loans repayable by deferred annuity”

You can see how it should be done in the picture below:


Finbee grace period


If you have any questions or need help do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]