2022 Q2 Investor Report


I am pleased to present our Q2 investor report.

Key Events

Rapid Growth

During 2022 I half we issued 8.3 million euros of consumer loans, which is 35 percent more than in the corresponding period last year, and 5.6 million euro business loans. The growth of business loans reaches as much as 47%.

Finbee business loans portfolio performance

First Institutional Investor

in 2022 May we signed a contract with the German asset management company “nordIX” for 5 million EUR investments in consumer loans issued on our platform.

We Invest Together

During I half  of 2022 we invested 3.8 million Eur in consumer and business loans together with you, part of which we transferred to the “nordIX” fund.

Recovery Results

Recovery results are outstanding – 124% of loans that became insolvent in 2016 have already been recovered. This means that we have collected both the outstanding part of the loan and the interest.

The results of business loans are not far behind – 83% of loans that became non-performing in 2020 have already been recovered.Finbee recovery consumer loans

Finbee recovery business loans 2022H1

Pro-active Debt Prevention

We achieved these results by actively working with borrowers. During the first half of the year, we sent more than 150.000 e-mails and 44.000 SMS messages to borrowers. We also made more than 11.000 calls to late customers to ensure the safety of the invested money.

TOP Investors

The largest legal investor on our platform manages a portfolio of 2.698.000 Eur, and a private person – 417.800 Eur. Where do you rank among all investors?

TOP Finbee Investors 2022H1

How much is it possible to earn on our platform?

We strictly assess the credit risk of our customers and actively work with debt collection. This helps ensure probably the best returns in the entire European market. The entire portfolio of loans to private individuals generates a net return of 13.8% to our investors. The more risk investors tend to take, the more they have historically earned – D-rated loans generate the highest – 17.2% net return.

Business loans are not far behind private person loans – the net return of the entire portfolio is 12.0%. Historically, the best net return – 18.7% – is generated by D-rated loans, which are back on our platform again this year.

Finbee net return business loans 2022H1

I hope this information is useful for you. If you want to dive even deeper into the data of the report, I invite you to read it here.

I wish you a good rest of the summer and successful investments!


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