When will you have 1M Euro portfolio?


We start investing for different reasons: we accumulate a reserve, we save for a more fulfilling retirement or brighter future of our children. Have you ever calculated when you will accumulate your first million euros?


First million. When?

Average bee

Our average investor, who has invested in at least one loan this year, manages a portfolio of 4.718 Eur. In June 2022, the average bee deposited an additional 317.55 Eur to the Finbee account. Over the long term, maintaining identical deposits and earning 12% per year this bee will become a millionaire in 28 years.

Turbo bee

And what if the average bee works hard, has more and more honey and increases its investment by 10% every year? The first million will come in already in the 23rd year of investment.


Do you want to know when you will accumulate your 1st million?

For your convenience, we have prepared a calculator where you can enter the numbers of your investments and you will know when you have accumulated a seven-figure sum. Maybe the number surprised you? :)


How much will you invest per month?
How long will you invest?
How much interest will you earn?
The total amount transferred is
Portfolio at the end of the period
The provided preliminary calculations are not reliable indicators of future results. Investing always involves risk. More information here.



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