How to invest more efficiently?

Nice to meet you!

Simas Baranauskas

I am Simas Baranauskas, Head of Investor Relations.

I have been working in Finbee for 4 years. I grew with the platform and I see many opportunities and interesting topics for you. I have been interested in investing for number of years and I personally pay a lot of attention to it.

From now on, I would like to pay more attention to you. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to email me at [email protected] or book a phone/video chat.

What is new on Finbee?

Good portfolio results

Good portfolio results Despite the uncertainty in the world, we are pleased with the good results of the portfolio – in April, 88% of business customers paid their instalments on time. This is the best result since February 2021. In April, we financed more than 1.7M EUR in loans, of which we cofinanced 476 thousand EUR with our own funds.

Growing business autolend

It is easy to grow from a low base, but we are pleased that the amount of business loans financed by autolend grew by more than a quarter compared to the previous month, but is still several times lower than that of private loans (21.1% vs. 81.1%).

How to invest more efficiently?

Some investors choose to have multiple autolend portfolios investing in small amounts in order to increase their chances of financing the smallest loans.

For example, with one portfolio investing 50 EUR, it can be difficult to bid for a 500 EUR loan if there are many who want to invest. By splitting this amount over ten different portfolios of 5 EUR, the chances of investing at least part of the loan increase tenfold.


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