Experiencing cashdrag? 3 steps how to avoid it!

Recently, we have been receiving questions from the investor community about how to employ money more efficiently and avoid cashdrag. I would like to share some tips that can help you manage your investments more effectively.

How are the investors chosen?

In December, 97% of consumer loans were financed by autolend portfolios.

If the supply of money exceeds the demand, every single time all the autolend portfolios participating in the offer are arranged in a random order.

If you are using a single autolend portfolio investing a larger amount, e.g. 100 EUR and the money works inefficiently, maybe it is worth creating 10 identical portfolios offering 10 EUR each and thus increasing the chances of investing at least part of the desired amount?

Autolend settings

If getting the desired loans is difficult – perhaps the selected portfolio settings are very specific?

I invite you to use the P2P lending calculator and check, maybe there are similar autolend settings with the desired results and a larger sample?

Can diversification be harmful?

We recommend investing up to 1% of the entire investment portfolio in one loan.

If you have a lot of free funds in the account, and the size of one bid is significantly less than 1% of the portfolio, maybe it is worth updating the bid amount?


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