How many instalments were paid on time in September?



I would like to share September results and latest platform developments with you.

How was September?

Solid originations

In September, we issued 1.66M Eur consumer loans (22% more than the average of the last 12 months) and 1.44M Eur business loans (37% above the average) and together we funded 3.1M Eur!

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Quality portfolio

This year, we have already issued more than 10M Eur business loans. Despite rapid growth, we maintain strict criteria for borrowers.

Of the loans issued this year, only 1.33% became insolvent.

How many instalments were paid on time?

In September 86% of companies and 72% of private individuals paid their instalments on time, excluding early repayments. The average of the last 12 months is 86% and 73% respectively.

Platform Updates

Free-form Debt Collection Remarks

The recovery comment templates used in our internal system were not always helpful in conveying exceptional recovery situations.

We’ve added the possibility for collection team members to write free-form debt collection comments in order to give you a more accurate picture of what’s going on with the borrower.

This week we are going to update the information on all the deceased borrowers and provide a more extensive comment on the ongoing recovery process from them.

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