Growing interest for the investors!



I would like to share the most important Finbee news and the results of May.

What is new on Finbee?

Growing originations

For the first time this year we have issued 1.5M Eur loans to private individuals. In total with business loans we issued 2.3M Eur.

More than 40%were returning customers.

Carefully selected clients

None of the business loans issued in 2022 has become insolvent, and among those issued in 2021 – only 2.2%. The results for private loans are 0.41% and 6.8%, respectively.

87% of business customers and 89% of private customers paid monthly instalments on time. The average in 2021 was 82% and 87%, respectively.

Growing interest rates

German fund nordIX has started investing on Finbee and some investors are worried about falling interest rates.

However, compared to the beginning of the year, average interest rates even increased – 16.51% for private (15.68% in January) and 14.11% for business loans (11.44% in January).


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