Two records in one month?


We had a record-breaking August. I would like to share the results and platform news.

How was August?

Record breaking originations

In August, we issued 1.8M Eur consumer loans (37% more than the average of the last 12 months) and 1.63M Eur business loans (69% above the average) and we had an excellent 3.4M Eur month!

10 Million Business Loan Portfolio

A significant increase in the issuance of business loans helped to reach another important mark – a portfolio of active business loans of 10M euros.

Since the beginning of issuing our business loans, investors have already earned more than 2 million euros in interest!

How many instalments were paid on time?

In August, 89% of companies and 72% of private individuals paid their contributions on time, excluding early repayments. The average of the last 12 months is 85% and 73% respectively.

Investavimas Finbee

Platform updates

This months we have three news on the platform:

1. For investors with a large amount of transactions, loading the account statement in the self-service took a long time and stopped. We have programmed that after 30 seconds loading a message pops up informing that the generation of the statement has stopped offering to download the statement by e-mail.

2. In some cases, the display of recovery actions on the platform was duplicated. We’ve fixed this place and it won’t happen again.

3. From now on, State-agency Invega will invest in D-rated business loans. This will help ensure prompt disbursement of loans to all borrowers.

I would like to thank our investors for the update suggestions provided. If you notice what could be improved on the platform, feel free to get in touch. :)


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