How many calls do we make for the late borrowers?



gegužės mėnuo buvo geras mūsų išieškojimo komandai, kartu ir mūsų investuotojams.

Our recovery results

Busy bees

Five hard-working bees make sure our honey is safe. Our recovery specialist Samanta made 1.694 calls to late customers in May. This bee is the busiest one on our hive and cares about the quality of the honey. :)

Successful recoveries from the old debtors

In May, we recovered 91.316 Eur from private individuals (3.92% of all default loans), both of which are the best this year!

Second biggest recovered amount – 3.918 Eur – was recovered from a loan that has defaulted back in 2018.

Steady business loan recovery

In May, we recovered 18.198 Eur (4.1% of all insolvent loans) from business loans, about one tenth more than this year’s average.

The biggest amount recovered from a single loan – 5.682 Eur. 

We have automated the preparation of claims

We have automated most of the claim preparation process and we are preparing claims more efficiently. This helps us ensure a smooth recovery process and contributes to a faster money recovery process. We expect a record number of claims prepared in June!


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