Do the borrowers own real estate?



I would like to share the most important Finbee news and the results of June.

What is new on Finbee?

3 million coming up?

We increasingly continue to issue more loans: in June we issued 1.67M Eur to private individuals and 1.1M Eur for businesses. We had a record breaking 2.77M Eur month!

Carefully selected borrowers

88% of borrowers have paid the instalments on time. Average result for 2021 – 82% for business and 87% for private borrowers respectively.

47% of private borrowers were returning clients.

We check the real estate ownership status

From now on, we check whether the information provided by private individuals about real estate ownership is correct in the Registry Center database.

We check the information only when the borrower indicates that he owns real estate and borrows larger loan amounts.

Finbee real estate owners checkhip


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