Are there more late borrowers?

In November, we funded 3.1M Eur loans together! Thanks to everyone who contributed!

I share monthly results and platform news.

How was November?

Another 3 million month!

In November, we issued 1.48M Eur consumer (3% more than the average of the last 12 months) and 1.64M Eur business loans (36% above the average) in total – 3.1M Eur!

Finbee vėlavimai

Klix loans with interest rate up to 43%

A significant part of our investors like small and short-term loans. We hope that the partnership with e-stores operating on the Klix platform will help ensure a solid flow of popular loans.

Update your auto lend settings and invest efficiently!

How many instalments were paid on time?

In November, 86% of companies and 75% of private individuals paid their instalments on time, excluding early repayments. The average of the last 12 months is 86% and 75% respectively.

Finbee late borrowers

Credit risk evaluation update

We implemented Scorify integration for consumer loan evaluation. We aim to use the available resources as efficiently as possible, and thanks to the integration, we have automated a significant part of credit risk assessment and will provide solutions to borrowers faster.


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